Rational Warranty Conditions


Normanton Catering Technicians Ltd Rational Warranty Conditions

With the purchase of a Rational product you are entitled to claim under the legal warranty rights outlined in your contract. Additionally Rational grants further warranty as follows:

As a Service Partner for Rational we are the only people permitted to work on units that are under warranty.

If your unit is under warranty we will take care of everything else and get your unit up and running as soon as possible!

1. Duration of warranty

Warranty is granted for a period of 12 months starting from the date the installation is confirmed or date of invoice from your dealer. If the end user registers himself via the Internet or via postcard at Rational, he receives a 24 months warranty. Original Rational spare parts used for repair are subject to 12 months warranty from date of installation of such part in a Rational Combi-Steamer (not applicable during initial 12-months warranty period). Every claim which is supplied within the warranty period either to Rational or to the dealer who sold the unit will be taken into consideration. During that time we will repair all defects as described under point 2 free of charge, that means Rational will cover costs of material, labour and travelling on condition, provided that the unit is in an easily accessible position.

2. Content of warranty

Rational’s obligation under this warranty is limited to repairing without charge any part(s) found to be defective which are related to poor component quality. Any exchanged parts will be returned to Rational on completion of repairs.

Exclusions are:

Normal wear and tear, defects caused by negligence and/or misuse or abuse, damage caused by non-compliance with the manufacturers installations requirements and/or operator manual. Damage to glass, bulbs, gaskets and other parts subject to wear and tear are excluded from the warranty. The warranty also excludes any claims if the unit in question was serviced by any other than approved Rational technician and/or parts other than original spare parts have been used in repair of the equipment. Any damage based on usage of cleaning agents other than the approved Rational cleaning agents and/or insufficient cleaning results and damages based on wrong usage of any cleaning agents are also excluded from this warranty.